Learn from the wisdom & be inspired by these local gurus & Artisans

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Join the hooping workshop lead By Val ~ There will be plenty of hoops to share ~ fun flow

Creative Free Flow

Lead by Alec ~ There will be an array of art supply’s for everyone to share

Jammin' with Multi-Cultural Rhythms & World Instruments

Join Eric and Lynn Miller, music therapists, who will guide you on a musical journey through multi-cultural music making. Experience different cultures rhythmically through easy to learn drum languages using body percussion, voice, frame drums, and sound shapes. World instruments with influences from Africa, India, and Finland will be shared as the Miller's jam with you around the continents. No musical experience necessary. Music making is for everyone.

Paper Folding Workshop

Create mini paper folds ~ with a little focus and big vision you can fold anything! Lead by Sara

Nature Art ~ Scavenger Hunt

Connect with nature ~ Find special plants ~ Make expressive art

Lead By Morgan & Dom

Secrets of the Body

Merge with the infinite consciousness ~ Through breathing techniques ~ Music & sound healing ~ soul travel

Lead By Scottie

Plant Ally

Plant ally workshop lead by Isabel is a journey to connecting to your plant ally. A plant ally is a plant that holds medicine for each individual person it can be something for their physical self or something for their spiritual/energetic self. With the use of drumming she will guide those to their plant ally. Starting each workshop with a cleaning / grounding meditation. Sharing tea and plant water to get the essence of plants interacting with the people. Finally after a little discussion she will take the group on a safe and protected journey to meet their plant ally.

Sunrise Yoga

Start your morning right with an energizing vinyasa flow to get your body ready for the best day ever! Expect to set intentions, connect with your breath, and flow through guided sun salutations.

Sand Mandala

Set positive intention through group sand art ~ explore deeper and higher consciousness ~ Become your manifestations.

Mindful Eating Workshop

A Mindful Eating & Sound Healing Experience

What is your relationship to the food that you eat? How does it reflect the relationship you have to yourself and others? We will explore these questions together in a playful, intentional way that unites sound, mindfulness, & nutrition.

A taste of what to expect:

  • -Sharing circle to encourage and inspire each other's health journeys

  • -Guided meditation and sound healing to tune ourselves and the food

  • -Interactive practices and tips for mindful eating and absorbing nourishment

Our meals are our medicine. What we eat and how we eat it determines the overall health of our entire earthly existence. By eating wholesome, vibrant foods that grow from the earth and taking the time to deeply appreciate the whole process, we develop a harmonious relationship with nature and her gifts of healing. 

From seed to serving, our food is handled by many people who may be having good or bad days. By tuning and blessing the food, we cleanse it of toxins, energetic debris, and any ill-intentions picked up along the way. 

Together, we create new, empowering beliefs about our relationship with food, our bodies and the current state of the earth. We will be providing light snacks - seeds and fruit :) Feel free to bring your own food to explore or offer to the altar. 

About Morgan & Dominick:

As a yoga teacher, visual artist and raw, vegan chef at Roots Cafe, Morgan focuses on creating art in all that she does. The mat, the canvas, and the plate are all opportunities for expressing the intricately beautiful language of nature. 

As a chef, sound healer and percussionist, Dominick allows the rhythm of Source to infuse his creations. He understands the profound power of sound as it applies to humanity's evolutionary journey.Together, they offer medicinal meals, sound healings, and educational courses as SoundBites.